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  • WOODTECH Heavy Duty Clear Varnish

WOODTECH Heavy Duty Varnish

Protecting and maintaining the natural beauty of wood inside and out.

A clear, two-component polyurethane based, high-gloss finish for varnishing wood and providing an extra coating to epoxy. This high-clarity, high gloss exterior-durable varnish provides superior UV protection and prolonged resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Excellent for heavy use areas. WOODTECH Heavy Duty Varnish is specially designed to deliver superior performance when compared to conventional varnishes.


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Long term recoatbility propertiesExcellent gloss retentionResistant coating

Surface preparation:

  • Surface must be free of contaminants such as grease, oil, wax or mould
  • Clean contaminated surfaces with lacquer thinner, or other appropriate solvent
  • Wipe clean before the solvent dries
  • Clean surfaces before sanding to avoid sanding contaminant into the surface
  • Sand with 80-grit paper


Application Procedure:

  • Apply three coats of WOODTECH Heavy Duty Clear
  • A second or third coat can be applied while the previous coat is still slightly tacky
  • Allow the last coat to cure thoroughly
  • At room temperature, the coating will be sandable in 24 hours
  • Wet sand the epoxy with 120-grit paper. Use finer grits with thinner finish coatings
  • Apply two or three coats of varnish following the manufacturer's recommendations


Tips: Sand with 120 grit-150-grit as it provides a good tooth for varnish adhesion, and coats of varnish easily fill scratches.

Tools you will need

Paint Brush
Paint Roller
Spray Gun

Available Packs

1 Gallon

5 Gallons

1 Gallon

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