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We've hand-picked the best colours, finishes, and décor ideas for you to explore. Learn about our range of products, their painting processes, and colour combinations, all in one stroke.

  • Inspirations - Interior Colour Collection

    Berger Interior Inspirations Colour Card captures the essence of Caribbean decor, in a broad selection of trendy, classic and vibrant colour combinations designed to suit any interior living space.
  • Magicote Colour Card

    Explore beautiful new colours in Berger Magicote. Whether in emulsion or oil paint, Berger Magicote will provide, affordable, beautiful protection, inside and out.
  • Inspirations- Exterior Colour Collection

    Inspired by the Elements, the Berger Exterior Inspirations Colour selection provides a range of beautiful earthy, cool and vivid colour combinations, for residential and commercial properties.
  • ICG

    What colour goes best with pink? How will such a bright red look on my walls? This handy guide answers all these questions and provides up to 70 gorgeous colour combinations to beautify your living space.
  • Royale book of colours

    A complete guide to interior color combinations
  • Woodtech Stains and Varnishes Colour Card

    Berger WOODTECH includes a range of trendy and classic translucent stains, treatments and varnishes, designed to enhance the beauty of any wooden surface.
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  • Colour Spectra

    Choose from over 1800 original hues.

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