Wall Fashion

A range of stencil-based designer wall accents that recreate the exciting patterns of life.

This range offers you a series of wall stencils that add new dimensions to your interior décor. Through these accents, we pay tribute to the myriad patterns of life. Carefully chosen, these accents are both, whimsical and graphical - butterflies will frolic on your walls, lanterns will light up your room, flowers will blossom in your living room. Whether geometric, fanciful, or culturally symbolic, they are sure to make a lasting impression.

























A rustic decor in the spirit of the old brick style, depicted in a range of limitless colours. Experience a peaceful atmosphere in any living space.
Scattered randomly or in formation, butterfly stencils can transform any room or even elegant furniture pieces in the home or office into something spectacular.
A strong symbol of totality, wholeness, original perfection, infinity, eternity and timelessness. A strong statement in any living space; a simple yet symbolic shape.
Light symbolizes the absence of darkness, grief and unhappiness; so create an ambience of energy and positivity in your home with Dia.
A wonderful way to dramatically change the look and feel of your living space. Bring life to any empty corner or plain wall. Give your home a fresh and healthy feel of nature.
Wondering what to do with that big blank space? Make a strong statement with a frame stencil.
If walls could talk! Let your walls speak for themselves. Decorate with motivational quotes, poetry or phrases that express the inner you.
Dream of an enchanting evening, in the laid back atmosphere of a room, reflected in a moon-themed décor. A perfect way to bring heaven to earth.
Create a totally unique look that brings out your personality. Keep no boundaries, indulge yourself and let your imaginations run wild.
Be creative, express your inner thoughts in words that inspire you to see the world differently, with new motivation and possibilities for success.
Let the roses speak their soothing language of love and romance, in the dancing shadows on the wall.
Shadows are a great way to create contrast for dramatic effect. They draw attention and add three dimensionality to a plain two dimensional surface.
Windows add light and dimension to interior spaces, and provide a visual link to the world, whilst enhancing the appearance of a wall.
Reminiscent of the decorative floral embellishments used to accent exotic fabrics. Enjoy the splendour of blooming flowers; a symbol of hope and life.
Discover your source of happiness, and let it spread all around you.
Water takes on the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance, like our minds, allowed to drift and float freely in the ocean of our thoughts.
Conjures up the image of royalty, and evokes a sense of subtle sophistication. A delicate stencil for a discerning taste.
Bamboo’s gentle, swaying movement is a symbol of humility and good luck that inspires us to stand tall and believe in our own strengths.
The first signs of life, of hope and a new beginning, symbolic of being born again, a sense of renewal and a new start. An optimistic outlook and great expectations.
Ageless and always elegant, this reusable stencil can make a definite statement above any bedhead, mantle, or signature furniture piece in any room.
Sophisticated, yet cheerful, this intricate design can add flair to any room. On its own or in a cluster the Oyster stencil is sure to attract attention.
Beauty is infinite and nothing brightens a room more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Express your passion with this beautiful bouquet stencil.
Close your eyes and imagine a world, endlessness and unboundedness in time and space, where life goes on in an orderly and harmonious co-existence.

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