Social Responsibility

Painting a better tomorrow.

  • Berger Caribbean believes in instilling a culture of protecting the environment, as well as being healthy, and promotes this belief through various initiatives. In 2014, Berger sponsored the inaugural Berger Royale Primary Schools Road Tennis Tournament and the Berger Royale Environmental Award, both of which were a great success.

    A total of 24 Primary Schools participated in the Berger Royale Primary School Road Tennis competition in 2014. Twelve of these schools entered the Berger Royale Environmental Awards and 20 of them participated in the Nation-Wide Environmental Walk, also sponsored by Berger Paints. In 2015 the number of schools on board doubled. Now there are 48 primary schools participating for the road tennis competition.

    Berger Barbados is not only passionate about the environment, but also the overall development and care of the children in the Caribbean. Through its initiative – Berger Environmental Parade, Berger goes an extra mile to promote environmental awareness among school children. Today, it works closely with the local communities and sports associations in the Caribbean Islands, sowing the seeds of a sustainable future in the mind of the youth.

    Berger Paints also encourages the youth to be more aware of personal development through a commitment to learning in all areas of endeavours namely: sports, academic studies, environmental awareness, deportment, courtesy, spirituality and creativity.


  • Berger is passionate about environment and youth development

    Berger takes a step forward by encouraging the youth to be more aware of the environment.

  • Berger Paints National School Awards creates a buzz among the youth in Barbados

    Berger takes sports as a platform to encourage the youth to be healthy.

  • Berger, rewarding the ones who conserve the environment

    Berger, through its initiative - the Berger Royale Best School Environment Awards, not only promotes good environmental practices, but also rewards the ones who take initiative to make this world a better place.

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