Case Study – Blue Diamond shopping center

  • Project: Repainting of Blue Diamond shopping center
  • Client: Lachu Ramchandani
  • Contractor: Nathaniel Ellis

About the Project

The Blue Diamond Shopping centre is a landmark in the upscale tourist resort city of Montego-Bay, known for its jewellery, souvenir stores and distinctive blue colour, a sure favourite for tourists and locals alike. Being such a high visibility complex, the owner entrusted the colour to only Berger Paints as it is considered the standard in quality and durability.


The building was in close proximity to the sea and hence salt and moisture could easily affect its surfaces. So it was necessary to have a paint that is able to withstand adverse conditions to protect the structure and also keep it beautiful. The Berger WeatherProof Ultra was chosen for its resistance to severe tropical weather and its seven year warranty.

Exterior products

Berger CW Primer and  Berger WeatherProof Ultra specially formulated ’Blue Diamond Blue’, with Berger Everglow Low-SheenEmpire Yellow” as the accent colour, were  selected because of their superior durability, washability and overall performance. The roof was painted with Regatta in Berger 404 Gloss paint and the floors with Berger Rubberized Enamel (Chlorinated Rubber). Berger WeatherProof Ultra was also used for the ceilings and Rust Pro Enamel was used for the grill work.

The Result

With the collaboration of Berger and the principals of Blue Diamond Shopping Centre the finished product is something they are very proud of and it now serves as a landmark for all to see the performance of one of our premium products Berger WeatherProof Ultra.
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